Thanksgiving Music

“Why does poor Thanksgiving get so overshadowed by that other approaching holiday?”

“What can I do about it?”

It’s these kind of thoughts that keep my up at night.

I like Christmas.  I really do.  But I like it in it’s due season.  When it jumps the gun before Halloween my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving-  gets overshadowed.  So, I have become a one-person force trying to make sure Turkey Day gets its day in the sun.

My solution?  The holiday needs music.  Thanksgiving songs to sing and maybe even carol.  That is, if we weren’t all so fat and lazy after dinner.

Thankfully, somebody else agrees with me and already did the hard work and researched Thanksgiving songs.

Click the link for more:

The top 10 Thanksgiving songs that actually exist…I swear by Michele Bates – Daily Herald


Why the fourth Thursday of November rocks:

Thanksgiving is pretty swell if you think about it by ck


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Music

  1. I looked at the songs on that website, but the page froze three songs in and wouldn’t show me any more! 😦 The first one made me smile though, I suppose it makes sense when you think of Food Glorious Food, there must be a lot of food over Thanksgiving! But it made me smile also, because that film is very British, about a little boy from a workhouse in Dunstable England! I would have thought the first choice in that list might have been a little more American!! 😀 Still, brilliant film and an ideal song for any holiday involving a lot of food!

    So, other than food and wishing each other a good Thanksgiving, which I have seen on many films over the years – what else do you do in that holiday, do you decorate in tinsel? And is it just one day or like Christmas where you get several days of holiday and eating too much?

    We have a thanksgiving of our own that goes back a few hundred years, called Harvest Festival, which is basically the same kind of end of the year thanking God for the harvest. But to be honest, most people don’t even know what date it’s on any more, very few observe it. 😐

  2. Ha! That’s funny. I never thought about the first song being unamerican 😉
    The thing about Thanksgiving is (other than the food) it kicks off the Christmas season for us. Or it used to. The Christmas season now begins sometime in October. The decorations are more low key than Christmas. Most people don’t even decorate for it anymore but skip to Christmas.
    The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year here. It gets pretty gruesome. There have been deaths of people being trampled at the store. There are crazy late night sales and bargains. I avoid it and choose to sleep and go to a movie later in the day. So, I miss out on all the deals (but I am still alive so that’s a plus).
    The nice thing is if you have a job that celebrates not only Thursday but Friday (which I do). So, it becomes a four day weekend. I only get one day off for Christmas (although I’m taking the week off). For me, that’s a big bonus right there 🙂

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