Day after Thanksgiving tradition

Many years ago, when my older nieces were young I decided to create an after holiday treat with them. Perhaps, it was my way of extending the family togetherness of Thanksgiving. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to see a movie that was geared for children. Whatever the reason, a tradition we unoriginally call the Day After Thanksgiving Movie was born. Continue reading

23 Thank Yous: Thanksgiving 2017

A few years ago, I read an excerpt from a book called 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life by John Kralik. 


The author was finishing the worst year of his life in 2007 and through a series of events decided to write a different thank you note each day for a year.  The experience changed his life.

Since I have decided to jump back into reading this year I have made sure I am not without a book to read each night.  Either one chapter a day or 10 pages whichever comes first and my attention span holds out on.  Right before Thanksgiving I finished a book so I decided to read the entire book this year over the Thanksgiving holiday.  It seemed like an appropriate choice for the holiday. Continue reading

My Grateful List

Last month, my sister NJ challenged me on Facebook to do one of those “… a day” posts.  You know, when you are supposed to post something daily regarding a certain theme.  For this one, my task was to list three things a day I’m grateful for.  Even though I tend to be on FB daily (shhh), I don’t like having to come up with something theme related every day.  So, I did it in one big chunk.  And since it fit with this week’s theme and since I have nothing else ready for today, I’m sharing it here with you also.  Like the idea and want to do your own list?  Go right ahead.

Continue reading