Thanksgiving is the Best

Reasons why Thanksgiving deserves more attention:

10. It sometimes comes with a bonus holiday for work.  A FOUR DAY weekend.  Can’t kick on that.  Even Christmas is a one day package. Continue reading


It is a marvelous age, the best of all

Imagine you know your enemy is on the move. You know they are coming toward your community. You know they will kill you and your family. What do you do?

Prepare for combat? Run and hide? Those really seem like the only options, don’t they?   Either there will be an epic battle or you become hunted prey. What other choice could there be?

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My Grateful List

Last month, my sister NJ challenged me on Facebook to do one of those “… a day” posts.  You know, when you are supposed to post something daily regarding a certain theme.  For this one, my task was to list three things a day I’m grateful for.  Even though I tend to be on FB daily (shhh), I don’t like having to come up with something theme related every day.  So, I did it in one big chunk.  And since it fit with this week’s theme and since I have nothing else ready for today, I’m sharing it here with you also.  Like the idea and want to do your own list?  Go right ahead.

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