Arachnids and Me

I live in the high-desert mountains of Wyoming.  This means I have plenty of uninvited guests sneak into my home because my home is built right on top of theirs.  Spiders are frequent intruders and I am constantly killing reminding them to stay out.

The other day I found a web connected to the toilet.  Okay, no way am I going to let a cobweb be connected to something I use at my most vulnerable moments.  Or to sensitive areas that I really don’t want to get bit.  I got rid of it immediately.

One morning I woke up and went to do my normal morning routine.  As I stumbled out of my bedroom I walked through a silvery, kind of sticky substance.  One industrious spider had spent the night spinning a web in my doorway.

Did he really think that would work?  First I said, “Ick,” then I mumbled “that was one ambitious spider.  Or just very hungry.”

This incident made me a little paranoid.  I’m always a little nervous that I’ll wake up one morning wrapped in a web cocoon.  If my blog entries suddenly stop, please send help.  An exterminator should do the trick.

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