Of course you’re my buddy!

Why is there some doubt

making you feel a little blue?

I thought you understood

but I suppose not

so I will explain it to you.

When I check my iPhone

you are my top friend

in my Facebook chat window.

You’re my purple Skittle

and my pink Starburst

in a sea of green and yellow.

I pretty much trust you

with my life and I will

even let you drive my new car.

It doesn’t matter where,

I will come with you,

I just want to be where you are.

You are the one I text

even from work which

always gets me into trouble.

It’s okay to be close –

you can come inside

my personal space bubble.

We share the same great taste

and that is why I

only watch Monty Python with you.

It’s true we like to laugh

so we keep going

and stay awake to enjoy Clue.

You are the one I stalk

when I’m on Facebook

and I know that you’re stalking me.

This has gone on too long

so let me wrap up

and say, you’re my bestest buddy.


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