One thing

I get it. Your life may look lousy right now. You feel like your talent is to fail. Everything you touch gets destroyed. Success is an illusion. What is the point? You ask. To be truthful, I don’t know. What I do know is if you see this in the sky

Nevada sunrise

That is good news. It means you get another day of practice being you. Only you can do you so get up and get going. Another sunrise means there is still hope. Hope is our fuel to keep going.

Look outside and see how big the world is. Find one thing that touches your life. One thing that adds beauty in your corner. Be grateful for that one thing. Even if it’s an appreciation for being able to recognize beautiful.

I get it. It may seem like a long shot to be thankful for anything right now. If nothing else, be thankful for another day of practice before the final exam. This is only mid-term. There is still time to get that grade up. Just keep practicing.

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