My Faith Garden

I do not have a green thumb. I don’t even have a plastic one. Seriously, I have a vase with fake flowers that I have knocked over so many times one blossom now sits at a perpetual 90 degree angle. So, my expertise in gardening is lacking somewhat. But I do have what I call a faith garden that I’d like to tell you about.

Stick with me on this analogy and I hope it will all come together.

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The lesson of the sunflower

I recently read a cute little post about how sunflowers use each other for support on cloudy days. According to the post, when the sun isn’t out the flowers nod to each other for support. Of course, it was supposed to be a lesson about us needing each other. I thought it was cool but two seconds of checking on it led me to believe it is not true. Sunflowers do not tilt toward each other on cloudy days. What they do instead is still a lesson to us, just not the intended lesson the post suggested.

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If you’re thinking of letting go, don’t

I’ve been sitting on this topic for awhile. To be honest, I am reluctant to share. But perhaps there is someone out there who can use this. I sure hope that’s the case because I’m about to divulge some hidden part of me. The darkness that has surfaced occasionally. That forbidden thought of what if. What if I did the unthinkable? What if I purposefully traded in the great gift of life and gave it all up? I’m going to share a few thoughts about that taboo topic of suicide.

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