If you’re thinking of letting go, don’t

I’ve been sitting on this topic for awhile. To be honest, I am reluctant to share. But perhaps there is someone out there who can use this. I sure hope that’s the case because I’m about to divulge some hidden part of me. The darkness that has surfaced occasionally. That forbidden thought of what if. What if I did the unthinkable? What if I purposefully traded in the great gift of life and gave it all up? I’m going to share a few thoughts about that taboo topic of suicide.

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My trip to Vernal

I drove to Vernal this weekend. The sky was a deep blue with hardly a cloud to mar the rich hue. The sun did its best to shine at full capacity despite the January chill. It was a lovely day. At least for the first 80 or so miles. When I approached the top of the switchbacks the valley below was filled with fog. From that vantage point, the view truly was remarkable.

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What I’ve Learned the Past 100 Days

One of the benefits of surviving a trial is the wisdom that should accompany it.  At least for me, I like to impart the little nuggets of inspiration I’ve accumulated.  Share the wealth and lighten the load type of philosophy.  I thought by now the whole soothsaying, warm heart, nurturing side of me would have kicked in and I’d know just what to do to offer comfort.  In other words, I thought I’d be more like my mom by now.

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