General Conference thoughts: Take Up Our Cross

To demonstrate a visual of this talk you’re going to need some rocks. Or books. Ask a volunteer to come to the front of the room and ask what are some things that worry everyone during a given day. With each answer, give the volunteer a rock (or book) to hold until she can’t hold anything else. Then ask her if she’d be comfortable holding all that in that spot for the rest of the lesson. Unless she is being mischievous, she will decline.

“Why not?” Perhaps the items are getting heavy, perhaps she is uncomfortable. The reasons don’t matter.

“What would make it better?” Perhaps some help. Perhaps if she could sit down. Perhaps if she could set the objects down. Again, the answers don’t matter.

Place the rocks (or books) in a box title ATONEMENT OF CHRIST.

Ask for thoughts on how this demonstration applies to Elder Soares’ talk. What is the practical application of this that we can do in our everyday life?

Take Up Our Cross by Ulisses Soares

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