General Conference thoughts: Found through the Power of the Book of Mormon

A simple exercise when it comes to the Book of Mormon is to sit down and ask yourself “Why do I read the Book of Mormon?” The answer should be a testimony born of experience in reading and applying its teachings. A witness can’t be shared if there is no familiarity. In fact, the word testimony or witness relies on having a personal viewpoint of something.

It might be helpful to recall your personal relationship with the book. First, create three columns. In the first column, make a list of people found in the Book of Mormon. The list will probably contain familiar names such as Nephi, Lehi, Alma, Moroni, etc. In the next column, write down one word that describes each person. For example, next to Nephi I’d write obedient. In the third column, I’d write an experience I’ve had – pass or fail – trying to follow that person’s example. Continuing with Nephi’s example, I’d write about an experience I’ve had attempting obedience and what became of it.

After I finished with my list I’d write the name of Christ. Which experiences brought me closer to Christ? Have the examples of the Book of Mormon people helped me develop Christ-like attributes? In order for this experiment to work it must be truthful. Has the Book of Mormon led me to Christ or not?

Found through the Power of the Book of Mormon by Ruben V. Alliaud

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