A Fixable Flaw

In April 1990, to much hoopla and fanfare, I remember the Hubble Telescope being launched into orbit.  For nerds and those of us with a layman’s fascination of space this was an exciting time full of promise.  While we weren’t actually going into space we were going to get glimpses of it never before seen.  I may not have understood the particulars but I did get the gist.  The expectation was thrilling.  And then, as it was in space beginning to do its job there was a problem.  To be exact, a flaw 1/50 the thickness of paper distorted the images being sent back.  By this time, there was a lot of time and a whole lotta money invested in this telescope.  It couldn’t be thwarted by a minuscule flaw. Three years later, a mission launched to fix the problem.  Since then, the Hubble telescope has being performing its mission beautifully.  It performed at its full potential.


Sometimes I think we are like that telescope. So full of promise and potential.  But we hide behind flaws and insecurities.  It didn’t take much to distort the intended images of the telescope.  A tiny little flaw prevented the telescope from keeping its promise.

Don’t let something insignificant keep you from reaching your full potential.  Fix what you need to fix and keep going.  It may not be easy.  But it will be worth it.





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