My Faith Garden

I do not have a green thumb. I don’t even have a plastic one. Seriously, I have a vase with fake flowers that I have knocked over so many times one blossom now sits at a perpetual 90 degree angle. So, my expertise in gardening is lacking somewhat. But I do have what I call a faith garden that I’d like to tell you about.

Stick with me on this analogy and I hope it will all come together.

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The Lesson at the Prayer Vigil

Sunday, June 14, 2020

In the midst of the 2020 protests and riots, my small Wyoming community held an interfaith prayer vigil in a local park. Several preachers and pastors spoke, church choirs sang, the mayor and town police chief each spoke. It was a proactive attempt to unite our community and recognize God’s hand is needed to achieve such goals. It was a lovely effort but the greatest lesson I received that night came from a personal observation that had nothing to do with what was preached or pleaded. It came from watching a little girl play on the playground equipment while waiting for her family attending the vigil.

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A Fixable Flaw

In April 1990, to much hoopla and fanfare, I remember the Hubble Telescope being launched into orbit.  For nerds and those of us with a layman’s fascination of space this was an exciting time full of promise.  While we weren’t actually going into space we were going to get glimpses of it never before seen.  I may not have understood the particulars but I did get the gist.  The expectation was thrilling.  And then, as it was in space beginning to do its job there was a problem.  To be exact, a flaw 1/50 the thickness of paper distorted the images being sent back.  By this time, there was a lot of time and a whole lotta money invested in this telescope.  It couldn’t be thwarted by a minuscule flaw. Three years later, a mission launched to fix the problem.  Since then, the Hubble telescope has being performing its mission beautifully.  It performed at its full potential. Continue reading

Suffer the Children…

I recently had the opportunity to babysit Bubba’s two children, Lil B and Lil K.  As mentioned in a previous post, at the time they were two months shy of four and one week shy of two.  In other words, they were full of energy.  We were staying at my sister’s at the time and they were doing what children do best – keeping themselves occupied and busy.  My sister has a small replica of the Christus that proved to be a temptation for little fingers and busy hands.  They wanted to touch it.  Of course, since it wasn’t their home or statue their dad had warned them not to touch it.  They heard the admonition, they understood the meaning, their desire to touch increased.   Continue reading

Am I right or am I right?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a sweeping generalization. Here it goes and if I’m wrong you can stop reading. I give you permission. My bold claim is that nobody likes to be wrong. I will go one further and say as much as we don’t like to be wrong on the flip side we love to be right. With an opening statement like that who is going to argue? Because if you argue about this doesn’t it just prove my point? Continue reading