General Conference thoughts: Cleansed by Repentance

By chance, my daily Book of Mormon reading this morning was Alma 36.  In it is the fatherly counsel Alma gave his oldest son and it included his account of the angel’s visit many years prior.  Alma describes to his son the repentance process and the why of repenting.  His experience, though expedited from the normal process, is a good study because it shows the arc from unrepentant soul to a heart in full contrition. Continue reading

Peter’s denial vs Judas’ betrayal

A few months ago, while we finished our study of the four Gospels in the Come, Follow Me lessons for the New Testament I had the thought, “what is the difference between Peter’s denial of Christ and the betrayal by Judas that led to the arrest of Jesus?” Is Judas synonymous with betrayal because his actions ultimately led to the crucifixion of Jesus or was there something more I was missing?  I do not claim to be a gospel scholar or scriptorian.  These are simply my thoughts as I pondered the difference between these two men and why one is honored and one is sullied. Continue reading

A Fixable Flaw

In April 1990, to much hoopla and fanfare, I remember the Hubble Telescope being launched into orbit.  For nerds and those of us with a layman’s fascination of space this was an exciting time full of promise.  While we weren’t actually going into space we were going to get glimpses of it never before seen.  I may not have understood the particulars but I did get the gist.  The expectation was thrilling.  And then, as it was in space beginning to do its job there was a problem.  To be exact, a flaw 1/50 the thickness of paper distorted the images being sent back.  By this time, there was a lot of time and a whole lotta money invested in this telescope.  It couldn’t be thwarted by a minuscule flaw. Three years later, a mission launched to fix the problem.  Since then, the Hubble telescope has being performing its mission beautifully.  It performed at its full potential. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Even as Christ Forgives You, So Also Do Ye and Until Seventy Times Seven

by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk

and Elder Lynn G. Robbins

Due to space and time,  I am combining two talks in this post.

When I watched conference last April I thought one of the major themes was forgiveness.  I was surprised when I received my Ensign and looked at the topic guide in the front of the issue and discovered it wasn’t as big of theme as I thought it was.  In fact, only three talks were linked to the topic.  Obviously, it was a personal message I needed to hear.   Continue reading