…and furthermore

To be considered a true Wyomingite you must have a dog.  Or cat.  But really a dog.  With the exception of me but in many ways I am a Wyomingite paradox.  But this isn’t really about me it’s about a particular dog on one of my walking routes.  Last fall I encountered this dog while on my walks and never took a picture.  This spring, or rather after the winter thaw, I again walked by this house and the dog did not disappoint me.  This time I took a picture as proof.

16B40B27-63C5-4BA1-B0E3-F92CA0186F20.jpegWhen I walk in the alley behind the house or anywhere near the back of this house and this dog is out I get an earful.  There is no doubt this canine is a bold watch dog and is yelling at me in bark language, “Hey!  Why are you coming near my air?  Get out of my space!  Bubbles,  respect the personal bubble.”  For the record, I am no where near this dog’s personal space bubble.  But it will bark and yap until the whole neighborhood is aware someone is invading this dog’s personal space.

The dog’s house is two houses from the corner so it has learned that when someone walks in a certain direction that person will end up around the corner in the front.  So, this dog will start barking when it sees me from the backyard.  I ignore it and continue walking on the sidewalk and by the time I get to the sidewalk in front of the house the dog is ready for me and still barking.  It doesn’t let a silly thing like a fence get in the way of a good bark.  No, it jumps on the shed so that it can continue its tirade against me and I’m pretty sure all humanity.

I get it.  You weren’t done yelling at me yet.  This is fun.

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