The perfect week

If I had any say

and had my way

I would outlaw Monday

I would just say

no to Monday

You’re not welcome here

no way.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d rethink Tuesday

I would say

maybe no Tuesday

no Tuesday today.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d ban Wednesday

I’d say


go away.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d keep Thursday

I’d say

you’re okay, Thursday

you can stay.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d make Friday

the play day

play, play,

all day.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d say, Saturday,

I’m too tired to play

let me sleep today

on Saturday.

If I had any say

and had my way

I’d say welcome Sunday

I will take today

and pray

and not at all worry

because there is no Monday.

© 2013 ck’s days

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4 thoughts on “The perfect week

  1. Just a four day week then!? 😉 Sounds good to me. But we might find the years would go past much quicker and we’d apparently get older quicker – or would we? Would be a good illusion with time! 😀

  2. You know, the funny thing is I have this goal to have 5 posts a week. Last night at 7:30 I had nothing. So, I hurried up and wrote this.
    And as always, it was my top post for the week.
    Go figure!

  3. Yes, I think sometimes there is a tendency to edit too much. Sometimes it’s needed, but there is something to be said about writing certain subjects, just as they come out. That’s happened to me a few times too, but often mine are written weeks or months before – I meddle with mine a lot!! 😉

  4. I have no patience to wait! Sometimes when I write a week ahead – that week of waiting kills me. I really should learn that word. I don’t want to type it because then I’ll get a lesson in it! 😉

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