so there might be a chance I exhibit some OCD tendencies

March 24, 2012 I reached my all-time high visits to my website.  Which is cool.  It really is. 

The only trouble is it’s a number that ends in 9.  Nine?  Really? Not that I’m not appreciative of the views, because I am, it’s just if it’s going to be my all-time highest viewed day, I wish I would have gotten just one more to make it a lovely, whole number.  Ah, then I wouldn’t mind seeing that number every day telling me – this is as good as it’s going to get. 

Every day I watch my stats and hope for that number + one just so that my all-time highest achievable number looks…pretty.

(sigh) I’m not crazy.  I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me on this, right?  I hope none of the nines are offended.  You’re just not that cool.  Okay, maybe I’m a little crazy.

8 thoughts on “so there might be a chance I exhibit some OCD tendencies

  1. If you want to up your traffic, use some phrase or word that could possibly be construed as – shall we say – “naughty.” I did that once and thought for two seconds that I was suddenly famous. Then I realized a bunch of perverts had stumbled onto my blog and vowed never to do use that word in a post title again.

  2. I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t necessarily want a lot of readers – I just want a nice whole number to stare at day after day. It was fine for awhile but it’s been over six months that I’ve had to look at that nine.
    Anyway, I’m curious what the dual-meaning word was. You’ll have to tell me – in person. 🙂

  3. Look an even number of (four) people ‘like’ this great post 😉
    They say if you really have OCD, you should call it CDO — the letters are in the right order, the second time!
    Good luck with your blog 🙂

  4. CDO does make more sense except it would bug me because it would stand for Compulsive Disorder Obsessive – so perhaps there is no win here ;). Still haven’t made my goal yet but it has become a big enough nuisance that I’m begging on facebook. Thanks for reading!

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