Well Played, Mountain


By your appearance

you deceive.

“I can climb this I

do believe,”

I said then started

on my way.

Hours I climbed with

no delay.

I lost sight of the

mountain peak.

Under the hot sun

I grew weak.

I am so thirsty

and so sore.

I don’t think I can

climb much more.

I can see just a

little ways –

A perfect ledge to

spend my days.

Once I reach my goal

I can rest.

I admit, I have failed

this one test.

After resting for

a small bit –

I almost did not

notice it –

A better hold just

above me.

And once I reach it

I can see –

One even better

above it.

“If I can reach that

then I’ll quit.”

But another hold comes

into view.

I stretch up to it,

“That will do.”

Except a perfect spot

beacons me.

I reach it before

I can see –

It was not a ledge

but the crest!

I did not fail this

grueling test.

Well played, mountain, well played.


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