Wyoming Woman

In the year 1919,

At a ranch house near the Green,

On a July day, the rain poured down

Until water covered the ground.

The cowboy got into the boat,

With their children he would go

But in the house still lay his wife

For she feared for the unborn life.

Water came to the bedspread seams,

Courage made her a cowboy’s queen.

She was a Wyoming Woman.


In the year 1924,

A mother of 3 gave birth once more.

For six months she had been on her own,

Her husband was gone – but not alone.

In the cold darkness of a coal mine,

Life changed for families of all kind.

But that tragedy had come and gone,

And a mother of 4 must go on.

She already knew the risks you see,

And still became a miner’s lady.

She was a Wyoming Woman.


In the year 1929,

She came to help a friend in a bind.

But got stuck in a small town in Wyoming.

She stayed because of a wedding ring.

Her husband worked where he could for pay,

They worked for survival each long day.

Wars and a depression she lived through,

Not by choice, but what else could she do?

She was not a native, but lived to be

Another miner’s lady.

She was a Wyoming Woman.

3 thoughts on “Wyoming Woman

  1. You have talent here, though I know I’ve said this before. I love the simplicity, the clarity, the understandability and the power of your poems. Keep writing them!

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