General Conference thoughts: Even as Christ Forgives You, So Also Do Ye and Until Seventy Times Seven

by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk

and Elder Lynn G. Robbins

Due to space and time,  I am combining two talks in this post.

When I watched conference last April I thought one of the major themes was forgiveness.  I was surprised when I received my Ensign and looked at the topic guide in the front of the issue and discovered it wasn’t as big of theme as I thought it was.  In fact, only three talks were linked to the topic.  Obviously, it was a personal message I needed to hear.   Continue reading

A Modern Day Proverb

A new adage I’m starting.  I hope it catches on. 


Be as indestructible as a Pringles’ individual cup. 

It all starts with an ordinary Pringles' individual cup. Yes, the chips were yummy!


My mission: destroy the cup!

Can't say I didn't try to kill the cup.


It pops back in shape like nothing happened.


I'm not done.


I give it all I got.


A little dented but the shape still holds. Whatever life throws at us, be like a Pringles' cup! Remember the old Rolex slogan? This could be: Takes a beatin' so you can keep on eatin'! Maybe? Perhaps.