If you allow it, there is no

physician’s touch that can heal

like time –

Unless the wound is infected

with that poisonous toxin


So, how you choose to fill your days

will determine your state

of mind –

Will you let time mend old hurts

or will you cling to all that

past debt?


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The Brave Pawn

What?! You wanna piece of me?

What?! You wanna piece of me?

I am just a little pawn here

sitting on this game board called Chess

waiting to be moved, yeah, waiting

wanting to be thrown in that mess

of this game called Chess.

People call me unimportant

some may say expendable

but I respectfully disagree Continue reading

One Little Tree

photo by MM Lee

I am one little tree

one little tree as you can see

as you can see I stand alone

I stand alone where my seed was sown

my seed was sown downhill from the rest

the rest of the trees are up by the crest

up by the crest they share water and sun

water and sun I get since I’m only one

I’m only one to stand against the gale

against the gale sometimes I want to fail

I want to fail when I’m alone during this test

during this test I have no guard like those by the crest

by the crest with all the rest has some perks

some perks but also a few quirks

a few quirks so it’s all right with me

all right with me to be one little tree.