The Fool

Who is creating a fuss –

causing ruckus?

This scene is quite the ado

a short stack blew.

The room is a big ol’ mess

I must confess

I just had one of my rants.

Ms. Cranky Pants

has surfaced yet again.

Run, run my friend!

I really don’t want to be

Always cranky.

Change my heart and give me love

I plead above.

Silly girl losing her cool –

just like a fool.


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2 thoughts on “The Fool

  1. After my latest round of family drama – and again, I’m innocent, I swear! I told the person gettin’ all crazy with me that I was done. Thanks, but I’m bowing out. And although a little part of me would like to think it was all fixable, it wasn’t.
    Okay, so I know your post wasn’t about me, but it’s good to know such a saintly person as yourself has the occasional interpersonal conflict, too.

  2. Family does tend to bring out the inner conflict. Unfortunately, they are the ones that get to see my foolishness.
    And the only way I could be described as “saintly” is if my first name was actually Saint. 😉
    Thanks for reading! Hope all goes well with your family conflict (I have no doubt you are innocent 🙂

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