General Conference thoughts: He That Shall Endure unto the End, the Same Shall Be Saved

by Elder Claudio D. Zivic

This is a word we are taught in primary.  And in primary it seems like a fairly simple idea.  Why wouldn’t you hold on to the gospel forever?  Why would you ever let go?

What is hard to fathom in primary, in Young Women, or even as a young adult is how long life actually is.  We read the account of the Israelites giving Moses a difficult time and tend to tsk-tsk them.  How could they not continue on the path in a matter of scripture verses?  I mean, one or two verses later and they are worshiping false gods and making Moses wish he never returned to Egypt.  Surely, I’d be able to hang on for a verse or two.

But could I?

What we lose in reading so quickly over the verses is time.  Time filled with everyday life.  Life that is made up of little minute decisions.  Decisions that affect everything we do, think, or even feel.

No, enduring to the end is not the last task of the checklist.  It is included in everything we know we should be doing or not doing.  Enduring is the 50 point essay question at the end of the exam that pulls the rest of the test all together.

And don’t forget to smile while enduring.


He That Shall Endure unto the End, the Same Shall Be Saved

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