As seen on TV (thank goodness only on tv)

It’s no secret I have wasted spent my fair share of time watching television.  In my younger days, I was a sucker for romance stories and watched a lot of clunkers that promised a spark of romantic chemistry between characters.  Now that I’m older, I have revisited or have attempted to revisit shows and movies I watched and loved as a youngster.  Many times I am left wondering ‘what was I thinking?’

Here are a few characters I watched and now I realize they are fun to watch but I would never want to meet in person.

shawn spencer

photo from internet

Shawn SpencerPsych.  How messed up is this individual that he lies to everyone including his girlfriend?  First of all, he treats the whole police department which includes Juliet as inept because he is able to solve the mysteries instead of them.  But that is usually the trouble with all the non-police centered crime solving shows.  The police are portrayed as incompetent buffoons while the consultants save the day.  Second, he lies in about every episode.  If this were a real person I would steer clear of him and his antics.

lorelai gilmore

photo from internet

Lorelai GilmoreGilmore Girls.  I’m probably going to be raked over the coals over this one since she is a beloved character but I have one word to sum her up: exhausted.  If I knew her in person she would make me exhausted.  Her energy level matches her drama level and I would not be able to keep up.  I know this because I actually had a Lorelai in my life (no, not her real name) and it took me a solid year to recover.  I could not keep up.

sheldon cooper

photo from internet

Sheldon CooperBig Bang Theory.  The good news is no Sheldon Cooper would be friends with ck so I’m safe on this one.

rachel and ross

photo from internet

Ross Geller/Rachel GreenFriends.  Ten years of on/off romance until at the very end they had to end up with each other because they were too destructive apart.  If I were in the circle of friends I would have moved to Paris just to get away from these two.


photo from internet

Anyone on Scorpion.  First of all, their weekly high octane adventures border on ridiculous.  Just one brush with death would be enough for one person but they routinely say hello to death and keep on going like it’s just a day at the office.  But that isn’t enough to make me avoid them if they were, in fact, real people.  No, I probably wouldn’t hang out with them after my first brush with death but I wouldn’t actively avoid them because of their penchant for trouble.  I wouldn’t be a friend because I find it annoying how many times they use the word ‘genius’ during one episode.  Every.  Single. Episode.  They find it prudent to remind us they are geniuses and can’t be expected to relate to peons like me.  That is a deal breaker with anyone I know.  Or would be if I knew anyone that had to share their IQ on a weekly basis.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still watch and enjoy all of these shows and I watch the characters in all of them.  I’m just glad I am able to turn them off or switch the channel when the show is over.

What characters do you love to watch but are thankful you don’t have to socialize with?

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