What I want this year

Let me start off by saying, gifts – receiving and giving is my love language. A sincere gift is how I express love and receiving a thoughtful gift is how I feel loved. I love opening presents. I love watching others open presents. So, that should make what I’m about to share even more powerful. I don’t want anything this year for Christmas.

That’s right, I don’t want any THING for Christmas. I have lots of things. While I appreciate all my things I receive I really don’t need more. Plus, I don’t have room for much more because I am essentially homeless. That’s an exaggeration but I don’t own my own space. So, please, unless it is a homemade gift in which you are practicing or perfecting a skill I really don’t need more stuff.

But I still want gifts.

Instead of giving me things give me memories. Give me experiences. Give me connections. Here are some ideas.

  • A road trip to Yellowstone
  • A lunch date
  • A vacation somewhere new
  • A walk
  • A bike ride
  • A new experience neither one of us has done
  • A movie date
  • A hike
  • A Reba concert
  • Harry Potter World

You get the idea. Something together; an activity. No, I don’t actually want to do all that at Christmas time. A little IOU in a dollar store card and then follow through sometime during the year. And no, I don’t expect you to pay for my share. I just expect you to join me.

This Christmas I want the hope and promise of memories made.

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