Memory Keeper

I am the memory keeper

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It’s not the thing you fling

I was ready.

In 1997 I lived in Texas where I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  As a missionary, I spent my time preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At any given moment, I needed to be ready to share a profound thought usually expounding scripture.

I’ve always been a fan of adages and I collected quotes that I thought were short nuggets of profound wisdom before my mission.   The more obscure the reference the better.  By the time I left on my mission I had a library of rather exceptional maxims.

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Just the good ol’ boys

If I remember correctly, I was in kindergarten when the television series The “Dukes of Hazzard” claimed the top spot in the Nielsen ratings.  It is entirely possible I’m wrong about the dates.  Sometimes I remember things differently than other people.  Or the even the truth.  The other day I argued with someone about when she taught primary.  I was pretty insistent I was right until I realized, uh, she probably knows her own timeline better than me.  Oops.

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Way to go, Steve Wariner!

I have a confession.  Once upon a time, many years ago I went through a country phase.  Don’t blame me, though, it was the early 90’s, the time of Garth Brooks – who personally brought a resurgence of country music.  Plus, I happen to come from two people who prefer Willie Nelson to anything the Beatles had to offer.  So, it’s in my genes and it was inevitable that I would catch it.  My time with country music was brief.  I stopped listening to it when I realized it made me feel older than my peers.

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Pavlov’s Associations

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

It’s kind of my life work to be remembered when I’m gone.  I told my niece that I want to be the photo bomb in her stash of Polaroid memories.  A little creepy?   Perhaps.  But being memorable takes a lot of work.  Sometimes you just don’t know when a Pavlov trigger is planted.  Sometimes you have little control over the associations that bring you to mind. Oh shucks.

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