Three games of Solitaire

I have one of those old-fashioned, handheld electronic Solitaire games. It helps me relax without all the hassle of having to shuffle and deal cards. Well, it sort of helps me relax. If I win. If I don’t win my compulsive nature kicks in and I usually have to play until I do win. Recently, I played three games and I thought there were a few lessons to learn those specific games. So, naturally I had to write about my thoughts. That’s just what I do.

The first game dealt a beautiful hand. There were quite a few moves before I even had to draw cards. I thought for sure I would win the first game. But, eventually, the moves stopped and I lost. I can’t end on a loss, that’s bad luck. I dealt another game.

The second game offered a few moves before I had to draw. I was able to move quite a few cards but ended up losing this game also.

The third game there were no moves after the cards were dealt. Normally, I don’t waste my time on such games. If I don’t have at least one move before I draw I start a new game. But, in order to curb my compulsiveness in playing until I win, I have limited myself to a new rule: until I win or the third game. This being the third game I continued to play expecting a short, quick game before I lost. Wouldn’t you know it, I won this game. Huh. Here are the lessons I took away after my three games.

One: Life will hold many surprises. Be adaptable to surprises. Not every thing attempted will be a winner but wins do come. Just keep moving after the losses.

Two: Commitment is becoming a rare commodity. Don’t quit the game just because there are no current moves. Make something happen. Stay in the game. Perhaps the only difference between a winning game and losing game is persistence.

Three: Be careful about judging situations. As humans, we assess, rank, and judge. That’s part of our experience here. But learn to see the game through before determining the outcome. Patience is probably a useful skill here. If possible, wait before acting on judgment.

There are probably other lessons that apply here and maybe even better ones than the few noted. Life is about growing and learning. Sometimes that happens at random times when the teacher (in this case an electronic game) speaks my language.

What weird things or situations in your life have taught you life lessons?

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