Three games of Solitaire

I have one of those old-fashioned, handheld electronic Solitaire games. It helps me relax without all the hassle of having to shuffle and deal cards. Well, it sort of helps me relax. If I win. If I don’t win my compulsive nature kicks in and I usually have to play until I do win. Recently, I played three games and I thought there were a few lessons to learn those specific games. So, naturally I had to write about my thoughts. That’s just what I do.

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Stupid radish story

I have this theory that I developed in high school.  It is all thanks to a science project I did but I already wrote about the details here.  To sum up, I truly believe words matter.  Tone matters.  Uplifting and edifying words promote growth while negative and insults damn growth.  At the end of 2019, I was to share a Sunday School lesson about James.  Part of James’ epistle centers on our language.  At least, that was my take away from it.  Now, I’ve used the example of my science project many times and many people poo-poo it.  They don’t trust the results.  So, I thought I would recreate it.  I set out to prove the results of my high school science project. Continue reading

Small Town Perks

Not everyone likes the vibe of a small town.  Although I argue the point that the majority of us live in small communities.  Even when I lived in big cities I still lived in rather small communities.  I lived, shopped, and spent my leisurely down time within a few block radius.  There will be those that refute my point but I maintain it for the majority of people.  There is something about a community feel. Continue reading

I can do this. I can. I can. I can?

I decided to quit complaining. It’s a talent of mine, to whine and complain. But not a particularly endearing trait. I realized those deemed confident and competent do not indulge in pity parties. They handle conflict with grace and sometimes even a smile.

Okay, I can do this. I need to do this. My goal is to not become “that person.” You know, “that person” no one wants to deal with.

Step one seems obvious. Don’t complain. And maybe smile more.

Shortly after making this goal I completed a huge project I helped plan. And failed. Miserably.

Okay, not a problem. Take the lumps and call it a learning experience.

I got this.

Next, I was given an assignment.  A long term commitment that I kind of hoped I could side step.  No side stepping here.

Really? Okay, not a problem. It’s not the end of the world.

I may have indulged in some complaining about this one to a close friend.  What? Relapses are to be expected.

I don’t want this but I got this.

I went to a college graduation. My niece’s husband graduated from college. In the noisy gym filled with well-wishers, we were told we were too loud by the older gentleman in front of us when we clapped and hooted.

Seriously? Ooookay. He may have been kinda joking. Not a… problem.

I. Got. This.

I went to bed all is well.   Other than complaining to my friend the other night, I hadn’t complained vocally. Well, not a lot anyway.  It’s true, I might have felt a tad grumpy.

When I woke up in the morning, I checked my email. Twenty-two new messages? That’s odd. I never receive that many at one time.

Turns out, my email was hacked. The irony is the fact I had kept my same flimsy password since opening the account fifteen years ago. That is, until the end of March this year when Outlook insisted I change it to beef up my security. Fifteen years and not one hack. Less than two months and I already had to change it again.

Oh, c’mon! Really? Seriously?

Maybe I’m not so confident or competent after all. Maybe those qualities are overrated. Maybe I have thrown off the balance of things by trying to become somebody I’m not.

Sigh.  Smile and wave, just smile and wave.