B’s Back Tat

A cool boy

aptly named Bentley

wanted a tattoo

very much badly.


His cousin

liked to draw

so B had an idea

an idea with no flaw.


“Hey cousin,”

said B acting the big shot,

“on my back

you should draw a robot.”


Cousin replied,

“I would love to

just as you ask.

I will give you a robot tattoo.”


B sat still

as his cousin drew

just as he wanted

and asked her to do.



he worried a bit

his parents might

not be all that happy with it.


Soon enough

his parents saw his back.

To his surprise

he didn’t receive much flack.


Instead they

questioned why

he chose to have

a colorful, pretty butterfly.


Now angry

to discover his tat was not

what he wanted

which was a cool robot!


The lesson

is quite simple in that

you need to carefully choose

who will draw your back tat.

© 2020 ck’s days

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