General Conference thoughts: Ensuring a Righteous Judgment

I don’t want to use the word ‘favorite’ but if I did this might be it. Or at least one of the talks that struck a chord with me. Because as a human, I have done some pretty dumb things and I know I have hurt other people. Not physically but for a quiet person I sure stick my foot in my mouth. A lot.

So this talk gave me great comfort. It’s an aspect of Christ’s Atonement not usually discussed. The mercy it gives to other people that I may have hurt along the way. This has been a worry of mine for years and I loved the healing balm this talk offered.

A discussion in class centered on this talk has the potential to be powerful. As any talk involving the Atonement of Christ should be. This would be one I’d send out a special invite ahead of time to let class members know and come ready to hear healing words.

The trick will be to steer the discussion away from a confessional. To borrow the ad slogan “we all do dumb things.” Class is not the time to divulge sins and shortcomings. It is a time to strengthen and an invitation to action.

What personal invitations do your class members hear when they look over this talk?

  • How has the Book of Mormon blessed your life?
  • What truths in the Book of Mormon bring you peace?
  • How has repentance brought you peace?
  • What comfort do you get from reading Alma’s experience?

Ensuring a Righteous Judgment by Elder James R. Rasband

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