General Conference thoughts: Consistent and Resilient Trust

There is the simple but effective trust exercise that involves having one person fall back into the arms of another. It is difficult to do in church though especially when volunteers are in church dress. But another simple exercise of trust might be to ask a a willing volunteer (someone who does not embarrass easily) to stand in front with her eyes closed. Have her hold a bowl and let her know her bowl will be filled. But don’t tell her when and let her stand there while you share a story. Let it take awhile so that she might be tempted to open her eyes to see if you have forgotten about her.

The point of this exercise is to emphasize a trust in God’s timing. The Jaredites were in their barges for 344 days. In our day and age of instantaneous gratification we are losing the concept of waiting. But the Lord’s timing does not move to accommodate us we need to learn to accommodate it. In other words, learning to trust in the Lord may include learning to wait well.

Consistent and Resilient Trust by L. Todd Budge

Today’s Lesson

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