General Conference thoughts: Women and Gospel Learning in the Home and Parents and Children

by President Henry B. Eyring

and President Dallin H. Oaks

Due to space and time, I’m combining President Erying’s and President Oaks’ talk into one post.  But that’s okay, they go together pretty well.  President Oaks addressed the young women of the church and if I was still a young women leader I’d be taking the opportunity to share it with them.  His counsel though, applies to young women of all ages – even those of us with gray hair.

I’ve made this comparison before but I’ll share it again.  If you went to hear a symphony play and discovered the whole orchestra were only playing flutes – nothing else – how exciting would that concert be?  No brass.  No reeds.  And heaven forbid, no percussion!

Or what if you went to a baseball game and all the players only played first base?  How well do you think that team would do against their opponent?

The point is, just like a symphony or baseball team we all have individual abilities and gifts we bring to the concert or game.  So it is with men and women.  They each bring their unique innate qualities to a marriage.  They are equal in authority but not equal in ability.  Thank goodness!  They are to complement each other like two pieces of  puzzle that makes a whole picture.

And to reemphasize the message President Nelson gave very first, we leveled up here, folks.

Women and Gospel Learning in the Home

Parents and Children

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