The Moon’s Talent

The moon looked at the Earth and saw only darkness.  He wanted to bring light to the dark side of the planet just like the sun gave light to the other side.  So he tried with all his might to produce some light.  But he could not create any light for that side of Earth.

The sun noticed his efforts and asked, “Moon, what you doing?  You are going to hurt yourself.”

The moon replied, “Your light is great and necessary but it cannot reach the dark side of the planet.  This side is completely in the dark and as we know darkness brings despair and hopelessness.  Your light brings hope and courage and growth.  I want the dark side to have those things, too.”

The sun thought for a moment.  “That is a worthy idea.  While I cannot personally shine everywhere by myself maybe together we can accomplish this goal.”  He sized up the moon for a moment.  “Let me shine my light on you and you can reflect my light to the dark side.  That way, that side will not forget me and will know I will again shine my light for the new day.  Your talent is not in producing light but in reflecting it.  Together we can share light for this whole planet.  Will you help me?”

The moon readily agreed and did his best to reflect the sun’s light to the dark side of the planet.

You see, if everyone is to be blessed not all talents should be the same.

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