Friday ramblings: A Plea for Communicators

Life is really about perception.  There is no color, really.  It’s how our eyes tell our brain to perceive the light reflecting off objects that we see.  That’s why there can be disagreement on something that seems as true as the color of an object.  Our brains translate what our eyes see and at times, the truth can be lost in translation. Continue reading


All I want to do is walk

All I wanted to do is to walk.  I decided walking wasn’t enough.  I needed to set a goal.  Since I’m no runner I looked for a 5k to walk at the beginning of summer.  I knew I was slow so I decided to walk at least 3.2 miles five to six days a week to practice and then enter another 5k at the end of the summer to see if I improved.  Look at me being all goal oriented.  Yay me. Continue reading