Three Gifts – Redux

I have spent a lot of time thinking if I had a child and could give her a gift what would I give?  I even wrote a post influenced by Sleeping Beauty.  Since that time, I have had other thoughts on the subject.  Maybe if I could only pick three I needed to choose more carefully.  So I revisit this idea and my old post with some more thought and consideration. Continue reading


Old-fashioned title?

I grew up using the title aunt for my parents’ and grandparents’ siblings.  In fact, I remember one time my uncle called and I thought I was too old to use the title so I ditched the title and only used his name when I told my mom who was on the line.  Of course, he heard me so when mom answered the phone he asked her why we were on a first name basis.  She then asked me about it and it took years for me to attempt to drop the title again. Continue reading

Social Media Rules

We are in a fairly new era and as such we are making rules up as we go.  We are all pioneers discovering this frontier as our online presence becomes the norm.  But living life on a screen is not normal and needs to have some boundaries.  I’m curious what rules have fallen into place for you as you navigate the cyber world?  Are you the master or servant of your social media apps? Continue reading