The Moon’s Talent

The moon looked at the Earth and saw only darkness.  He wanted to bring light to the dark side of the planet just like the sun gave light to the other side.  So he tried with all his might to produce some light.  But he could not create any light for that side of Earth. Continue reading


2018 Temples Attended

This post has become a bit of a tradition.  It’s not as pretty as past posts but here is a recap of the temples I attended in 2018.  Note – I am still current on Utah temples.  I have been to every operating temple in Utah.  This year was kind of boring.  Looks like I need to plan some trips. Continue reading

All I want to do is walk

All I wanted to do is to walk.  I decided walking wasn’t enough.  I needed to set a goal.  Since I’m no runner I looked for a 5k to walk at the beginning of summer.  I knew I was slow so I decided to walk at least 3.2 miles five to six days a week to practice and then enter another 5k at the end of the summer to see if I improved.  Look at me being all goal oriented.  Yay me. Continue reading

In the defense of to-do lists

Why is there so much loathing and hatred for to-do lists?  Characters in movies and books are mocked for making lists and many a hero’s journey involves getting rid of her (it’s usually a her) to-do list. Once the character learns to live life without the heinous list she (again, usually a female) really learns to live.  For a to-do list has been the culprit holding her back in life and making life unenjoyable.   Really?  Continue reading

For your consideration (Facebook open letter)

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (and all other social media platforms),

We have a problem here.  Some people were born without a common sense gene.  As much as we want everyone to rise to the occasion and be wise about using your platform it will never happen.  It is impossible for some people to think before they post so we need to adapt to the capacity of the weak to protect everyone else.  While there are many issues the viral Gladys Kravitzes use poor judgment on there is one specific one I’d like to discuss.  That is when someone posts the death of someone else before the family members have time to be properly (not online) informed.  This is not good, it does not reflect well on you,  and it is unlikely to get better on its own because not everyone has an ounce of sympathy in their status posting hearts. Continue reading

An Aunt’s Guide

I have been an aunt for 28 years now.  It is the title I cherish most and have taken the most time and effort to fine tune.  As with most endeavors in life, there has been a definite learning curve as I have navigated the waters.  In some respects being an aunt has not turned out as I expected.  In some cases, it’s even better.  Here are a few things I have learned in my 28 years of being an aunt.

  1. Time matters.  As with anything in life, the time spent on a pursuit or goal will determine the success rate with the pursuit or goal.  Nothing worthwhile blossoms overnight or on command.  At least, no relationship does.  It takes effort.  It takes practice.  It takes time.  If you want to have a relationship with your niece or nephew when they are adults and are able to include you in their fun stuff then do fun stuff with them when they are younger.  Even when they are younger it is the quality of time spent versus the quantity.  Showing up for them when they are young might motivate them to show up for you when they are older.
  2. Show an interest in their interest.  Common sense here, isn’t it?  We connect with those who share the same likes as us.  They may be goofballs interested in things you couldn’t care less about but let them discuss the topic with you.  Especially when they are going through those teenage years and may be at odds with mama or papa bear.  It helps when they have a trusted adult who lets them be excited without having to remind them of logistics like parents have to do.  Be a listener and let them tell you all about it.
  3. Mind the cub.  This is the most important one of all.  Cubs have mamas and papas.  You’re not the rule making mama or papa bear.  You are the fun-loving, slightly rebellious in a safe kind of way, supportive aunt bear.  That means have fun with the cub but be mindful that the mama or papa bear will tear the aunt bear to shreds if that cub receives any harm or threat of harm under the aunt bear’s care.  Be careful teasing the cub if the mama or papa are nearby.  You mind the cub.  Trust me on this.  That mama and/or papa bear do not take kindly to anyone who hurts, mocks, or threatens their cubs in any shape or form.

These are a few of the things I thought of  while remembering my experiences with the cubs.  Some I did better than others.  Some lessons I learned a little late.  As all my nieces and nephew are now grown it has been fun to be included and invited in their doings as adults.  After all that practice with the first set I now get to apply what I have learned with the next generation that is growing.  Now I get to practice being a great-aunt.  It just gets more and more fun!