How Rude

I noticed him texting during the meeting and afterward teased him about it.

“You texted?” I asked in a judgy-sort of way.

He answered affirmatively.  I mean, how else could he reply since I had been sitting right next to me when he did it. Continue reading

A short, curious thought

Here’s a thought for you.

We all know we can’t take anything with us when we die.  Despite cultural legends of burials filled with items for the next life, which archaeologists appreciate, we leave our belongings behind.  I’ll do you one better.  Outwardly, we really carry nothing with us – except the clothes on our back – from day to day. Continue reading

I hate to inform you but history is not a concrete study

Sometimes two unrelated events come together and school you in a lesson. That happened for me a few years ago when I was trying to rise after a failure of sorts and needed some sort of affirmation that I could be good at something.  As I tried to find some validation I decided to combine two things that I like and see if I could make a go at it. So I combined my love of public speaking with local history and sought some outlet for the two. What I settled on was conducting cemetery tours.  The lesson I learned fairly quickly is that history is not as concrete as I thought it was.  Continue reading

Old-fashioned title?

I grew up using the title aunt for my parents’ and grandparents’ siblings.  In fact, I remember one time my uncle called and I thought I was too old to use the title so I ditched the title and only used his name when I told my mom who was on the line.  Of course, he heard me so when mom answered the phone he asked her why we were on a first name basis.  She then asked me about it and it took years for me to attempt to drop the title again. Continue reading

Social Media Rules

We are in a fairly new era and as such we are making rules up as we go.  We are all pioneers discovering this frontier as our online presence becomes the norm.  But living life on a screen is not normal and needs to have some boundaries.  I’m curious what rules have fallen into place for you as you navigate the cyber world?  Are you the master or servant of your social media apps? Continue reading