Young Willie Strang

Last week I shared another version of this poem.  This was the first effort after reading about young Willie Strang in a couple of books about Brown’s Park. 

Young Willie Strang

died long ago

shot in the back

by Johnson

don’t you know.


“It was an accident!”

cried the guilty.

“The boy tipped my cup

and spilled my water



“I never meant to kill

only to teach a lesson.

The shot was to scare

grazing close,”

so said Johnson.


Had Johnson not

consumed alcohol all night long

his plan may have worked.

Unfortunately for Willie,

Johnson’s aim was less than spot on.


Poor Willie Strang

his dash on his grave long forgotten

all because his mentor

was a man

described as pure rotten.

Young Willie Strang

did not get a chance to grow old

so the best we can do

is remember him

and let his story be told.

© 2019 ck’s days

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