General Conference thoughts: Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

by Bishop Dean M. Davies

and The Sustaining of Officers

Every conference there is at least one talk I call the Doctrine and Covenants section 1 talk.  So if you are a frequent reader of this little blog this might sound familiar.  If we follow the testimony train beginning with the Book of Mormon then we end up with one question that each of us needs to answer.

If the Book of Mormon is scripture then it’s origins are true.  If it’s origins are true then Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  If Joseph Smith was a prophet of God then Russell M. Nelson is the prophet today.  If Russell M Nelson is the prophet today then why not listen to him when he invites us to draw closer to God?

It’s that simple.  If we believe then we will listen and do.

Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

The Sustaining of Church Officers

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