General Conference thoughts: It Is All about People

by Bishop Gérald Caussé

I have shared this before but it’s been awhile.  And it’s one of my favorite examples.

When my brother was called to serve as a bishop he asked several esteemed friends for advice.  Out of all the wise advice he was given by leaders and former leaders on the ward and stake level in church the advice he most often recited came from our dad.  In essence, dad told my brother it’s about the people.  

Now our dad is a good and humble man.  Not to be biased but he is a strong example of what true conversion can do for and to someone.  He has never served in a leader capacity but he is the most humble man I have ever known.  Almost 50 years ago he joined the church after he married my mom.  It was a slow start, his conversion, even after he was baptized.  But he recognized that what matters most is the people.

It is the person that matters most.  It is the person that shares the strongest testimony by example.  It is the person, not the program, that should be the focus.  And that person is you.  And me.  Every person matters.

It Is All about People

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