Oops! I Think I Just Ran Over Santa

I remember it well
as if it were yesterday.
so much trouble from a right turn –
a right turn on a spring day.

Before I begin,
let me just say I did not know
that Santa spends the off season
in Laramie Wyo.

See, I looked to my left for traffic
he wanted to cross there
he waited for the green light (dumb green light)
I did not see him – I swear.

Unfortunately –

Because the light turned green (dumb green light)
my coast was clear
I proceeded to turn before looking
and shifted into gear.

Until I heard a commotion
and I looked just in time
to see Santa slip under my hood
and I stopped on a dime.

But poor Santa
yes, I saw the panic in his face as he went down.
laid in front of my car
in his overcoat on the ground.

I recognized him at once
from the very old Christmas movie
you know, the one with the miracle,
the jaded mom and little Suzy.

Relax, he was technically fine –
shook us both up though without a doubt
and he let me have it
who knew Santa had such a potty mouth?

I didn’t blame him then nor do I now
true I had a bad day but his was worse
so when he let me have it
I found no fault with his curse.

This all happened over a decade ago
and yes, I am very truly sorry.
so, dear Santa, can’t I please be moved
back to the nice list from the naughty?

Here is my sage advice
let me tell you what to do –
if you find yourself in Wyo in April
be careful because Santa is there, too!

silly verses

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2 thoughts on “Oops! I Think I Just Ran Over Santa

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