Am I a thief?

appleI enjoy a crisp apple.  The fall provides lots of temptations with apple trees in yards but I resist the urge.  Even when the apple tree is being weighed down with fruit.  

A house I pass while on my walk has two trees and they had a plentiful harvest this year.  Each step as I walked by I pondered if they would notice if I “borrowed” one as I passed by.  But, thanks to those goodly parents of mine, I didn’t reach out and help myself.

One day as I walked by the house owners were out working on their trees.  “Looks like you have some apples there,” I said in an attempt to receive an invitation to some apples.

“I have never had so many before,” the owner replied.  “I can’t keep up.”

“They look good,” I said trying to pin that invitation down.

“Help yourself to some,” he said and his son handed me a bag.

Now, apples don’t keep forever so I only took four.  Two for me, two for dad.  I didn’t want to be greedy.

I thanked him and kept walking.

I should have been greedy.

A few nights later, after my apples had been consumed, I walked by again.  The apples were falling to the ground and the trees were still plentiful.  It was getting dark.  No one was around.  So I helped myself to a couple more apples.  I felt guilty.  I felt like a thief.

A couple of houses down a neighbor was outside and said hello to me.  I wondered if he saw my apple grab.  Even though I know I did nothing wrong I still felt guilty.

I have resisted the urge to help myself to anymore apples.

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