General Conference thoughts: Young Women in the Work

by Bonnie L. Oscarson

My first thought when the Young Women General Presidency was released was, “is it already that time again?”  I was a newly called ward Young Women president when Sister Dalton took the helm.  That was two presidencies ago now.  Time is flying.  But this isn’t about me, is it?

Sister Oscarson’s parting words fit right in with the course the church is taking with the youth.  Let them  lead.  It has been a struggle for adults to give up the control a little bit and let the youth do the work. As I always said while serving in the stake, “When we (leaders) were young we could take the scenic route to becoming leaders.  The young women today do not have that luxury.  They need to be able to lead today.”

I am also happy that the church has completely severed ties with the Boy Scouts.  According to my sources, the church has been looking into this for years.  Now that the church is world wide, an American boys’ program was not translating well into other countries or to the young women.  It always seemed to be a competition of what “the boys got to do” instead of focusing on our own program.  I am excited to see the program that is coming and hope it will bring unity for all the youth.

Young Women in the Work

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