Burned Words

I wonder how long it took

for you to craftily

and expertly

pen your words.I can tell it took some time.

Your message was important

to you

and you wanted to convey your message

just so

with no misunderstanding.

Written with a lit match

your words burned my heart

and I tried to heal

but could not soothe the burn.

So I

took your craftily

and expertly

written letter

and I craftily

and expertly

placed it in my fire pit.

I threw a lit match in

and watched your words burn.

But my heart still did not heal.

So I

brought out the marshmallows

and figured I would

make something sweet from

those burned words

even if my heart could not be healed

just so.

© 2018 ck’s daysIMG_1981

3 thoughts on “Burned Words

  1. Well Penned. I would like to think that the author of the burned letter felt a little burning sensation as well.

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