Chasing Symptoms

A few of my family members decided to upgrade dad’s Kindle to an iPad. Christmas morning he opened his gift and received his new toy. My nephew started it for him and then left before he could troubleshoot some problems. Enter me. After promising dad his iPad would be simple to use since he already used an iPhone I had to figure out why it was, in fact, not as simple to use as we promised. Most of his apps transferred from his phone with no problem except his contacts. His contact list on his iPad was blank. Since the actual tech experts were nowhere near, I had to step up the plate and figure out the problem. What happened to his contact list?

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“Please, take away my pain

And eradicate my bane,”

I entreated for relief.

“Remove my thorn from me,”

I pled.  Then asked humbly,

“Help thou my unbelief.”

Soon after –

I was called to serve the youth

To teach Eternal truth

And offer them relief.