Why I like The Greatest Showman

The_Greatest_Showman_poster[spoiler alert]

Have you seen The Greatest Showman yet?  I recommend you do if you haven’t yet.  I have seen it twice while still in the theater.  Do you know how long it has been since I’ve gone to see a movie more than once while still in the theater?  Trust me, I’m too cheap to go more than once to just any old movie.  If that doesn’t help sell you on the movie then let me keep going but I will reveal major plot points along the way so if you don’t want to know then stop right here and buy a movie ticket.  You can read the rest when you get back.

Reason #1: the music.

I bought the soundtrack after my first viewing.  That was no easy task since my hometown recently downgraded to a one department store town. I couldn’t find it in town and had to order it.  When it arrived I promptly took it to work the next day and listened to it while at my desk.  My apologies to my co-workers who might not have share my same enthusiasm.  I like to share good things.  I was thrilled when This Is Me won the Golden Globe.

Reason #2: he didn’t cheat on his wife.

With the #MeToo movement gaining so much traction right before its release I cringed when PT and Jenny looked like they were getting too cozy.  At that moment, I hated the movie.  But then nothing happened and PT rushes back to his family!  Interesting that it was in a direct contradiction to the headlines.  It gave me hope because the movie came from the same town as the news stories that were making men out to be general villains.  I recognize it is a work of fiction but it is fiction written with an ideal.  An ideal that not every man is guilty of misconduct.

Reason #3: the family is the Greatest Show

This is closely related to reason #2 and I didn’t fully pick up on it until the second viewing.   “Everything you ever want; everything you ever need” is family.  Don’t believe me?  Watch it again.

Have you seen it?  What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Why I like The Greatest Showman

  1. I really enjoyed this film. Am addicted to the songs and just can’t stop listening to them. As a musical theatre fanatic, I knew I had to eventually watch the movie.

  2. I was surprised only one song was nominated for a GG so I thought I was the only one listening to the soundtrack nonstop. Glad I’m not the only one! ☺️

  3. I can relate to that. I can’t talk to many people around my age who love musicals and that can be quite annoying.

  4. That is the beauty of a blog. You can write about something you love and find people who share that same interest as you. Some people in real life just don’t understand why I love musicals or understand why I love certain emotions in musicals as well.

  5. After 7 years of blogging about nothing I still haven’t found my passion. I just like writing nonsense. 😊 Good for you for sharing your voice and talent.

  6. I actually have two passions: one was discovered in high school and one was discovered in college. One passion, which is my calling, is volunteering specifically for the homeless and was discovered in high school. Even though I loved musicals before college, it was no where close to being a passion, but Les Mis turned that love into a passion.

    So I have more than one passion. I somehow want to combine those passions into one

  7. That would be productive for the homeless. If you wanted to write a musical based on say The Glass Castle that would bring awareness to a complex issue. Many times we think the solution to helping the homeless is finding them homes. That might works for a majority of the cases but there are those that choose to be homeless so how do we help them?
    I think providing a theater they can take part in, have purpose, and provide culture is a noble idea. I wish you the best in your endeavors and find success!

  8. Helping the homeless is really my calling in life. Whenever people heart I have a passion for helping the homeless, they don’t believe me since I talk so much about musicals.

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