I lost a like today

I lost a like.  It shouldn’t bother me in this day and age of freely given and taken away likes but it does.  I mean, every single time I log onto my FB blog page and see this:


I wonder, who are the two that don’t want to follow me?  Am I not delightful enough?

I know letting this like-loss bother me is a weakness and probably one I shouldn’t admit but who doesn’t like me anymore?  And why?

It’s a bit hypocritical to even wonder this. I once purged 100 friends in one afternoon in an attempt to help me not waste so much time on FB.  So, I really shouldn’t let it bother me.  Sometimes people just clean house.  But why clean me out of your friend list?

It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.  Apparently, I relate at little too well with Raymond Barone.

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