Cori’s Cuts

Just over a year ago, for reasons I won’t go into here (because they no longer matter at this point and will hopefully soon be forgotten) I started posting on instagram. My pictures do not feature people but usually scenery. My intent is to post something beautiful. Considering I live in the high mountain desert that most people find “ugly” this is a rather personal feat. I attempt to accompany the pictures with short word posts of encouragement. Sometimes, the pictures repeat. Sometimes I have to borrow lyrics or others’ words. For the most part, I feature my pictures and my words. All in an attempt to strengthen and edify anyone who happens upon my little insta-home.

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Social Media Rules

We are in a fairly new era and as such we are making rules up as we go.  We are all pioneers discovering this frontier as our online presence becomes the norm.  But living life on a screen is not normal and needs to have some boundaries.  I’m curious what rules have fallen into place for you as you navigate the cyber world?  Are you the master or servant of your social media apps? Continue reading

For your consideration (Facebook open letter)

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (and all other social media platforms),

We have a problem here.  Some people were born without a common sense gene.  As much as we want everyone to rise to the occasion and be wise about using your platform it will never happen.  It is impossible for some people to think before they post so we need to adapt to the capacity of the weak to protect everyone else.  While there are many issues the viral Gladys Kravitzes use poor judgment on there is one specific one I’d like to discuss.  That is when someone posts the death of someone else before the family members have time to be properly (not online) informed.  This is not good, it does not reflect well on you,  and it is unlikely to get better on its own because not everyone has an ounce of sympathy in their status posting hearts. Continue reading