Want some Thor?

thor posterI went to the movie theater this weekend to see Thor.  So, you know what that means, right?  Get ready for a whole list of spoiler alerts.  If you are planning on seeing the movie, you may want to skip to the end where I give my unprofessional opinion if you should spend your hard earned money and go see it.  If you’re like me and read the spoiler alerts to determine if it’s a worthwhile choice, by all means, read on.

First off, I’m not a comic book reader.  This trend we have in which the comic book readers of the world (formerly known as nerds) are taking over the world of entertainment is educating me fast.  For example, I learned this summer that there is a difference between DC comics and Marvel.  DC (the creator of Superman) has no humor.  It’s as dry as the Wyoming desert I call home.  In contrast, Marvel movies have humor.  And a cameo by Stan Lee (unfortunately, no relation).  For the record, I like humor.

Thor delivered with light-hearted humor sprinkled in the movie.  It makes all the destruction a little easier to watch when jokes are interlaced throughout.  As usual, resident bad-boy Loki delivered his lines in a way that almost made us forget he is completely evil.

lokiSpeaking of Loki, I have to give credit to the actor, Tom Hiddleston.  (Here comes a huge spoiler alert) when he received his comeuppance both Bubba and I said, “Ohhh.”  Hello? He caused a lot of destruction in the first two movies and one grand act made us switch sympathies.  I wonder what this actor is like in real life.   It’s just that he plays diabolical so well – what happens when he walks the streets in his hometown?  Or what is he like at home?  I also wonder the same thing about Helena Bonham Carter.  I would expect her children toe the line.  If she were my mom, I know I would.  No offense but she plays creepy well.

But I digress.

Loki once again provided not only the evil but also a lot of the humor in the movie.

There always comes a time during a Marvel movie when I think, “Ok, we are about done.”  Only to find out, nope.  There’s more fighting to come.  This was no different.  The fighting scenes seem to last a very long time and do their best to destroy every part of scenery possible.  During the final battle scene I couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t this a good time to call in the other Avengers?”  But Thor took on the bad guys all by himself.  Luckily for earth he won.  I thought it was a rather risky endeavor though.  I wouldn’t have forgiven him if he lost.

As I mentioned before, I am not a comic book reader.  However, Thor has become my favorite superhero.  I mean, have you seen Chris Hemsworth?  As Dr. Jane Foster said in the first movie about his look, “It works.”  To be honest, this movie could have been as dry as Superman and I still would have recommended it.  That’s a lie.  Superman was a little too dry.  Part of Thor’s charm is his smile. Sigh.  I just have one complaint, Mr. Hemsworth is originally from Australia.  When he hosted FX’s Superhero Sunday he spoke with his native drawl.  I see nothing wrong with a Norse God speaking with an Australian accent.  Just saying.

So, would I recommend this movie?  Oh yeah.

Don’t forget, Marvel movies have tag scenes at the end of the very long roll of credits.  I chose not to wait for it this time.  Can anyone help me out and tell me the final scene? (Also, something I learned this summer, DC movies DO NOT HAVE TAG SCENES.  So you waste your time if you wait through them).

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3 thoughts on “Want some Thor?

  1. Sounds an interesting film! Is it anything like the Matrix? I really enjoyed the Matrix despite being quite complicated, which I don’t normally like in films, but somehow the Matrix complicated was OK! And yes, Helena Bonham Carter always does creepy well – that’s because she is creepy!! 😆 A talented actress – strange lady!

  2. Have you seen the first Thor? Or the Avengers? This follows the same formula – but trust me when I say, I don’t mind. Thor has become my favorite superhero (sigh).
    I finally watched all three Matrix movies on tv. I liked the first one all right, but by the third I was completely lost. I need my movies a little more simpler and with more humor 🙂
    I thought of another actor in the talented but oh, so creepy. Sam Rockwell. He just plays slimy and greasy so well. That would be a fun blog post. If Helena, Sam, and Tom get together for dinner sometime. Who would out-creep the other two? 😀

  3. No, I’ve not seen either film! I just had a look on You Tube and Thor looks very impressive, kind of Lord Of The Rings meets Gladiator, with a sprinkling of Doctor Who! 😀 I say Doctor Who, because the ‘fabric of reality’ being threatened was mentioned, that’s been a favourite subject for the Doctor to deal with in recent years! I do wonder where the scriptwriters of sci fi and fantasy are going to go after threats of deletion of reality itself have been exhausted? I mean, you can’t get more threatening than that – what else could be left to frighten anyone with!? 😀

    I did get a little lost with the last Matrix film, I had to watch it several times before I got it all, and even now my brother still reckons I’ve missed half of the points they made! The Wachowski brothers like complicated – I’m still struggling with the DVD of Cloud Atlas, it looks good, but I don’t like it!! 😐

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