To a Very Special Mom

guest blogger

by Marilyn D. Lee

Ever since D and I have been married,

in my heart a message for you I’ve carried.

Now that Mother’s Day is coming around

I’ve decided it’s time to put some of it down.

I haven’t known you for very long as time goes,

but you are a good mother as everyone and Heaven knows.

How do I know these things are true?

Three wonderful children were guided by you.

D is the one that I’m thinking about –

he is the greatest man without a doubt.

You’ve taught him very well the things he should do.

As a husband and a father he is the very best.

His love, kindness and manliness have stood the test.

All these qualities and many others that he has

are all because of you, a very special lass.

I have always told him he is a very gentle man.

That’s because his mother is a very gentle woman.

At this time I’d like to say something long overdue

for raising such a special son I say thank you.

written for Mother’s Day 1973

© 2014 ck’s days


3 thoughts on “To a Very Special Mom

  1. Aahh, what a lovely thought! ❤ And so true when people in our lives are very special people, it is very much down to their mothers how they've turned out. A really lovely Mothers Day wish! 🙂

  2. I didn’t have a guest blogger volunteer so I raided my mom’s poems again. This is one she wrote for my grandma (her mother-in-law). Written the year I was born 🙂

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