F-L-A-K-E Part II

Okay, now I’m starting to get a little worried.

Sign #1:  This morning I performed my normal routine.  I got my lunch out of the freezer, my breakfast out of the cupboard, and my yogurt out of the fridge.    I put everything on the table and retrieved my bag.  Before I loaded my falling-apart-but-I-refuse-to-get-rid-of-it-because-I-got-it-from-the-Art-Institute-and-it-makes-me-feel-pretentious bag, I went into the living room and opened the curtains.  Even if nobody was going to be home all day, the house still needed sunshine.  I went back into the kitchen and stuffed everything in my bag and left.  When I arrived at work, I emptied the contents from my bag and discovered I was yogurtless.  Despite getting the yogurt out and putting it RIGHT NEXT to my bag, I still forgot it!  (sigh)

Sign #2:  My friend JJ is moving.  She finished loading her U-Haul on Saturday.  Friday night I text her and told her I’d be at her house bright and early the next morning.  Well, bright and early for me on a Saturday is 10:00am.   But I told her I’d be there.  I relayed this information to her around 10:00pm Friday night.

Saturday I woke up and had a lazy morning.  It was my kind of weekend with no plans and no responsibilities – until I looked at Facebook Saturday at 10:00pm.  JJ posted how hard the day was but her and her friends managed to get the U-Haul loaded.  Dang me!  Somewhere between 10:00pm Friday and 10:00pm Saturday – I totally forgot my promise.  I apologized profusely and she graciously accepted but I know another pair of hands could have made the work quicker and easier. (tsk-tsk)

If that doesn’t have you worried for my welfare, I’ve saved the best for last.

Sign #3:  We always hide a house key underneath a welcome plaque that hangs on the back door.  When we decorated for Christmas, we took the normal plaque down and put up a Christmas one.  The key, in a magnetic box stuck to the door, was still hidden underneath.  The day after Christmas, we put all the decorations away.  I was so proud of us for even remembering to grab the Christmas plaque on the back door.  It usually gets forgotten.  That was on Monday.

On Friday, my brother came over for lunch.  He let himself in using the not so hidden key on the back door.  Yay for us because we remembered to grab the Christmas plaque and put it away.  Boo for us because we did not remember to put the original plaque back up and hide the key.  That whole week we went in and out of the door while the key, in its hide-a-box, was in plain sight (albeit above my eye view line).

My brother had a good time with that one.  “If you’re going to use a hide-a-key box,” he said, “make sure and hide the box the key is in!”

(Sigh) Life stays pretty interesting.  Especially when you’re a flake!


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