Life is like…Super Mario Bros

Life will throw some interesting things at you.  Your success in life depends on how well you face those obstacles.  Are you going for high score or are you in it to kill the little owl like creatures?

Here’s a secret that not everyone will share with you.  Sometimes it’s the very people who hire you to save the princess that are the same people that create those obstacles you have to overcome.

“This is what we want you to do and accomplish,” they say.

You size it up and begin working toward that goal and they start placing rotating flame sticks you have to jump over in your way.

Just sayin.

Think about that the next time you see a Mario Bros game.


3 thoughts on “Life is like…Super Mario Bros

  1. Do you think though, if we didn’t have any obstacles life might be extremely boring? I get annoyed at things like that too, but I do wonder sometimes – if it were all nice all the time – would we be happy with that? I’ve never played Super Mario – ever, and don’t intend to start!! 🙂

  2. How did you escape without playing Mario Bros at least once?! My friend had it and I’d go to his house and play. It was so hi-tech at the time! I wish I could find a copy and play it now. I prefer that yo all this “realistic” type stuff nowadays. A game should be a game.
    But for the sake of this analogy, you could plug in any game. They all have obstacles to overcome 😄

  3. I was in my mid 20’s when they arrived in Britain, mostly little boys played with Super Mario, I remember my cousins boys playing with their games in the 90’s, don’t remember Super Mario before the 90’s. I was never keen on those early games, never liked Space Invaders from the 80’s either. I think I was just waiting for gaming climb out of it’s primitive pixel stage!! 😀

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