General Conference thoughts: Exercising Our Spiritual Muscles

The penning of this post is timely.  I have a co-worker preparing to run his first marathon in four days.  The decision to run did not come lightly for him.  He has actually been preparing for a few years.  Diligence and patience have led him to this point.  On Saturday he will take all his learning and training and test it with experience.  

His preparation included studying how long and often his practice runs should be, his dietary intake days before the run, a realistic time goal for his age, a map of the terrain, and even how he should feel.  He has read about it and prepared mentally for it.  But until he actually runs on Saturday he really won’t know what it feels like.  It won’t be until he is actually running the race he has worked so long and hard to prepare for that he will understand it.  After all is studied, it is the doing that will be the final teacher.

Standard Primary Answers by ck

Exercising Our Spiritual Muscles

by Elder Juan Pablo Villar

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