A four year old named B

Back in June, my niece Nic and her family moved across the country to a warmer climate.  A place where ‘pop’ is referred to as ‘soda’ and my soon-to-be two year old grand-niece is picking up a southern drawl, y’all.

My grand-nephew B is as smart as ever.  I know you think I’m biased but he really is the cutest four year old out there today.  Seriously.

The family of four stayed with Nic’s folks while they were here.  I went over to visit.  To get here, B and his sister Lil M (also known as Red by her great-grandpa) rode two hours in a car, then traveled nearly an hour by plane, had a layover for three hours before flying another four hours, and finally riding another three hours in a car.  For a newly turned four year old and soon to be two year old, that is one long trip.  Heck, for someone who celebrated her 11th 29th seven months ago that sounds like it would have wiped me out.

So B was in the mood to play.  It was time to stretch and move.  He was definitely done with sitting.

When I visited them he wanted to play’ Just Dance’ on Wii.

“I’ll play with you B,” I offered.

He tried to get his Aunt Bubba to play.  She preferred to visit.  He tried to get his Uncle T to play.  He didn’t want to play.  They had been playing with him since he arrived and let’s just say there is no match to the energy level of a four year old.  Especially a four year old that spent the better part of yesterday being cooped up and confined to car seats and airplane seats.

After exhausting all other options, I moved up in the ranks.  He allowed me to play.

“You have to make a people first,” he told me.

“I think I already have one,” I said.

“No,” he replied.  “You don’t.”

For the record, I think I do.  I know I did.  Unless they erased my avatar I still do.  But how do you argue with a smarty-pants four year old?

“Okay,” I said.  “How do I do that?”

“Point it there,” he said pointing to the box in the corner.

I did as directed.  We disagreed with which avatar face looked like me.  I thought I found a good match.  He told me I was wrong and pointed at one similar to this: untitled

“That does not look like me,” I said.

He shrugged his shoulders.  I went with my choice.

The next screen was the height and weight option.  He took the remote from me and slid the slider all the way over to the tall side.

“Huh,” I said as my mii grew tall.  “Okay.”  Too bad we can’t do that in real life.   I took the remote from him before he could change the weight.  “What’s next?” I asked and smoothly went to the next screen.

We argued on my eyes.  He wanted to give me goofy eyes.   I insisted on non-goofy eyes.  For the lips, he thought I should have pink lips.  We agreed on that one.

He wanted to give my avatar glasses.  Little does he know, there is no photographic proof that I wear glasses.  They always come off.  But I didn’t win this argument.  My mii wears spectacles – but not crooked ones like her real life counterpart.

At last we made it to the final option.  The name.  Sometimes B forgets my name so I thought this would be a good time to quiz him.

“Enter your name,” he instructed because of my hesitation.

“What should I put?” I asked.

“Your name,” he said again.

“But what is it?” I pressed.

He smiled and brought my head close to his.  “Your name,” he whispered to save me the embarrassment of not knowing the answer.

“But what is it?” I didn’t relent.

He leaned close again and whispered in my ear, “Your name.”  Obviously, his great-aunt was off her rocker and he tried to do me a solid by being discreet.

“But what’s my name?” I asked again.

He smiled.  “Aunt Cori.”

“Okay,” I said.  “I’ll put that.”

Yes, we finally played the game.    I like to think we created some memories.  But he’s only four years old.  Soon our game will be forgotten for him.  I will remember though.  I will remember a four year old boy sensitive enough to whisper the obvious answer to me so that I’m not embarrassed by everyone.

I told you he’s the cutest four year old out there today.

4 thoughts on “A four year old named B

  1. I see – a sensitive soul!! 😉 But nothing like allowing a four year old to shape your body profile for you! 😯 And I think I spelled your name wrong in the previous comment – sorry! 🙂

  2. Eh, nobody spells my name right because my parents didn’t know how to spell it either. They just guessed. 🙂
    Except for the skin coloring – he actually did a pretty good job at making my mii. I could have done without the glasses though…
    Funny the way we see ourselves usually isn’t the way other people see us.

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