My past two months – YouTube version

On November 17, I received a different calling in church.  Callings are responsibilities and assignments.  It’s our opportunity to serve in church.  I found out about the change on October 25 – right before I left town for the weekend.   It was a long drive to Manti.  To eliminate gossip I couldn’t tell anyone the news quite yet.  And I didn’t.  It about killed me.  Okay, not really.  Just being dramatic.

I’m not a good secret keeper and if anyone paid attention to my Facebook fan page they would have known the secret.

First, I served in my old calling for 4.5 years.  I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make a full 5 years.  This was the first inclination change was a coming for little old me.  I felt sad to leave my girls.

I told you I’m dramatic.

As I waited for it all to become official, I had many mixed emotions.  Sad to be leaving.  Excited to be starting.  Nervous to be doing.  That kind of thing.

That’s when I reshared this gem.  To be honest though, I’ve shared this one before so this may have been overlooked as a secret slip.

That has been my theme song.  You know, in a religious sense.  I felt I had done all I could do.  There was nothing more to give.  I could detect some backsliding happening.  For the benefit of the young women, it was time for me to move on.

So, my last post reflected the future.  The unknown.  What soon approached.

Okay, not all of this song applies to me.  I kind of had to change it to “Journey coming to pass” to make it a little more applicable.  But that first line kept ringing through my head.  I needed courage.  I still need courage because I’m not a very courageous person.

So, I’m not the best secret keeper.  Luckily nobody cracked my sophisticated code.

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