Is it really that complicated?

Have you seen the Domino’s commercial demonstrating the travails of phone ordering?

Hmm.  Is it really that complicated to order a pizza via phone?  Are these the same people that have a hard time figuring out blankets?

I think so.

The last time I ordered a pizza online I paid extra.  Being the fiscally retentive soul that I am, that turned me off from online ordering.  So, I went back to using the old fashioned phone. Plus, using the phone is quicker unless I’m willing to download an app to my phone to make ordering quick and convenient.  I’m not.

Then the commercials started.

Last month, I tried ordering a pizza and was told there would be an hour-and-a-half wait.  Yuck. Disconnect.

I ordered a pizza today.  The employee put me on hold first off.  I waited.  He got back on the phone and thanked me for waiting in a most insincere voice.  I’m going to call this employee Rudy McRudster because he was not pleasant to speak to.  Rudy took my order.  I had a hard time hearing him.  It all seemed… planned.  As if Domino’s is purposely sabotaging the phone experience to force us to use their online service.

pizzaBy the way, I ordered the best pizza ever invented.  Thin crust, extra sauce, jalapenos and mushroom.  Yummm.

To be fair, when all was said and done, er, eaten, I checked online.  The price would have been similar to what I paid by ordering over the phone.

But is it really that complicated to use the phone?  Are we really wanting an interaction-less society?  I see us as heading toward becoming a totally socially inept society.  The next thing you’re going to tell me is we won’t need servers worth $15 an hour working at fast food joints.  It will all be automated.


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